Location Based Marketing | What CMOs need know

In a 2014 study SCORE reported that mobile apps had propelled mobile devices ahead of desktop computers in total time spent consuming digital media. In an article on May 6, 2015, CNET.com reported that according to Google more searches were happening on mobile devices than on desktop computers. 2015 might very well be remembered as the year mobile technology reached its tipping point.

Mobile Marketing | What CMOs need to know

Location Based Marketing (LBM):

Quick history: Location based marketing (LBM) predates mobile by over a decade. In the 1990’s, it was common practice for direct marketers to run proximity matching in their data processing in order to deliver personalized offers via direct mail. The main difference between the direct mail era and now is that marketing was only outbound then. Today LBM serves both an inbound and outbound purpose.

How effective is mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing is the most effective channel to engage with consumers that are often ready to buy…

“Nearly 80% of local searches on a mobile phone end in a conversation” – Neustar.biz

How to be successful at mobile marketing?

Like all channels of marketing, channel and data integration are keys to success. The more complex of the two is in the data. If you’re immersing into the world of mobile or location based marketing, familiarize yourself with location data management (LDP). To start read SIM Partners white paper “The CMO’s Guide to Location Data Management.”

Location, location, location!

CX | Collaboration | How to win a fight

There are three areas where people must be aligned for their organization’s success and survival in an increasingly competitive world:

  • Innovation
  • Transformation
  • Collaboration

Communication is paramount and the manner in which companies manage their internal communications will eventually carry over to how they communicate with their clients.

Your customer’s experience is influenced by how well your organization collaborates and how quickly teams mobilize around the priority shifts and changing demands of your clients.

Take a setp in the right direction and create an annual internal social/PR campaign about your customers, the market and sales initiatives. Set and communicate the goals and milestones reached over the course of the year. Constantly ask for feedback and ideas and recognize anyone that shares. Communicate successes, gaps or areas that need improvement. Run, wash, repeat.

Transparency is paramount! Collaborators always win.