Content Marketing | 3 Rules

Today, a company’s success depends greatly on on its ability to effectively manage its brand awareness, market conditioning, and demand generation programs.

Technology enables companies to automate how, when and what is communicated to its market today. However, content must still be curated by people and in today’s digital market place it is imperative that content follow three basic rules…

1. Be Customer Centric

Buyers consume content to address a challenge or pain, and they are evaluating their options. If your content is difficult to find or doesn’t provide answers to their needs, they will ultimately arrive at another content provider that very well might be your competitor.

The trend emerging with B2B buyers is a decreasing level of engagement with sales people during their awareness phase. Engagement with Sales these days happens during the down selection process and as they narrow down their options to just a few providers.

Today, more than ever before, a company’s success requires that its content be relevant, timely and personalized so that a high level of value is maintained throughout the customer engagement process.

Perception is managed through effective content management.

2. Build and Maintain Alignment on Personas

Create buyer personas. Set up panels comprised of external buyers and internal content curators.  Align both groups against your buyer personas will help align your company to your buyer types, and will help improve how content is synthesized for your company’s target audience. Your personas should drive everything how you communicate with your buyers’ journeys as they make decisions to choose you or your competitor.

3. Communicate Intimately | Personalization

Avoid speaking in your company’s or industry’s language. Use real words and when and wherever possible apply personalization that addresses the specific pain or need of your customer.

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