Big Data Simplified

In order to maintain a competitive advantage, companies need access to vast amounts of information (big data), as well as the means of leveraging that information effectively (data integration).

To business leaders responsible for decision making, increasing revenue, improving operating efficiencies, or improving customer engagement and experience, data has become the single most valuable asset they own, because their success depends greatly on their organization’s ability to capture, store, access and utilize information that is trustworthy.

Big data integration becomes important, because it enables businesses to utilize their stores of information quickly and effectively, and achieve its business performance goals.

If you are involved in a big data project, here are 4 things you should do:

  1. Invest in a data integration technology
  2. Prioritize data ingestion and transformation
  3. Set an open style of governance
  4. Read “Big Data Beyond the Hype” which was written by thought leaders from IBM in 2014.

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Rick Vargas

Rick Vargas is a strategic and innovative marketing professional, who has a successful track record of leading teams and projects through periods of change and transformation. Rick is a metrics oriented marketer and a thought leader that brings ideas to reality. Rick's background and domain areas of expertise are in web, social, mobile, digital, direct, and database marketing. He's worked with different types of organizations, across all sectors, from small start-ups, to large multi-national corporations. "What motivates me most is the role I play and the impact I have on the success of those around me. I love what I do from social to direct." - Rick Vargas

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