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MANY years ago, marketers would invest in massive advertising campaigns with headlines like “When EF Hutton speaks, everyone listens” and convince customers that their broker was the best in the business.

TODAY, customers drive the conversation and ultimately the brand. As an example, a happy or angry customer can pulse into conversations over social media with rave reviews or complaints about your brand to millions of people who in turn can have the power to exponentially impact your brand in either a positive or negative direction.

At every stage of customer engagement there exist opportunities to create advocacy around your brand. Companies are just beginning to realize that there are relatively simple ways to utilize digital marketing tactics to improve the overall experience that people have with their brand.

5 simple ways to apply digital marketing to drive improved customer experience:

  1. SEO – Use search engine optimization to help companies find your Contact Us page.

  2. Retargeting – Serve engaged visitors with progressive profiling forms like surveys.

  3. Analytics – Use analytics to track, map and predict how customers contact you.

  4. Testing – Test landing pages to optimize your sales and marketing objectives.

  5. Mobile Apps – Encourage your customers to install your mobile apps.

Ultimately, efficiencies are what drive business decisions. From a cost perspective, digital marketing is the most efficient channel through which to drive new customer acquisition, improve customer retention and  and expand existing customer relationships. Applying these digital marketing principles throughout each stage of engagement will ultimately enhance your customers’ experience and transform your business into one that is more agile and able to react quickly to the changing needs of your customers and future market opportunities.

With the #digital #revolution in the rearview mirror now, for many organizations that were quick to adapt to change during the first decade of the new millennia, firms are now focused on their digital evolution.  So the good news is that there is time to catch up for those firms that were late to the show.

#Happy #marketing, happy #customers.

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Rick Vargas

Rick Vargas is a strategic and innovative marketing professional, who has a successful track record of leading teams and projects through periods of change and transformation. Rick is a metrics oriented marketer and a thought leader that brings ideas to reality. Rick's background and domain areas of expertise are in web, social, mobile, digital, direct, and database marketing. He's worked with different types of organizations, across all sectors, from small start-ups, to large multi-national corporations. "What motivates me most is the role I play and the impact I have on the success of those around me. I love what I do from social to direct." - Rick Vargas

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