Direct Marketing | Benjamin Franklin and Lester Wunderman


Heavy Weights of Innovation and Direct Marketing

Direct marketing has been reinventing itself for over 250 years and dates back to when Benjamin Franklin invented the institution of mail order retailing in 1744.

Benjamin Franklin’s contributions to direct marketing is best summarized in a letter to the DM News from 2005 entitled “Don’t Discount Ben Franklin’s Contributions to Direct Marketing”

Trivia: Ben was also our first Postmaster General which is why his pic is on the wall of most post offices.

Direct marketing dates back to before the founding of our country and has been with us throughout our country’s history:

Stamp Act of 1765

Twenty years after Ben launched his mail order retail business, the British imposed the Stamp Act of 1765 on British Americans. The act was a direct tax that forced colonists to print on stamped paper produced in London. The Stamp Act led to the ultimate issue that would eventually hold enter stage up to 1776 was the matter of taxation…

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