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The word “automation” leads many people to believe that they are at risk of being replaced. The irony in the world of sales and marketing is that people are the key ingredient to automation’s success.

There are three areas where people in sales and marketing must be aligned for any sales and marketing automation program to be successful:

  1. User adoption
  2. Innovation
  3. Continuous transformation

Below are some suggestions to help you take on these areas from within your organization all of which require a little communication:

  1. Create an annual internal social/PR campaign about your program
  2. Set and communicate the goals and milestones reached
  3. Identify your innovators, early adopters, mid-stage adopters and laggards; they all matter.
  4. Ask for feedback and ideas and recognize anyone that shares
  5. Communicate successes, gaps or areas that need improvement

Below are several sample internal communications to help get you started:

Internal Communication #1

What is the Sales…

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