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Many businesses lack the alignment between the sales and marketing organizations. Whether you agree or disagree, it’s important to understand the barriers that prevent alignment. Some common barriers include:

  • Success in the sales and marketing departments is measured differently
  • Sales and marketing have a different vision of the ideal target customer
  • Actionable customer insight sits in disconnected databases
  • There is a lack of a 360-degree view of customers and their buying preferences
  • Broken processes make it impossible to track what is working
  • The technology is too hard to use so that there is limited adoption

These barriers lead to the disconnect and are making it difficult for organizations to make the most of their sales opportunities and go to market investments. As an example, companies are unable to provide the right offers to the right people, at the right time, because customer insights live in disparate locations and the company’s go-to-market strategies are uncoordinated and inefficient.

To address this disconnect, businesses are turning to applications and new technology to help build cohesive sales and marketing alliances. The common mistake businesses have been making in their rush to technology is that they forget to address their people and process challenges first. 

The promises of the Digital Revolution and emerging technologies are often not in line with management’s expectations. Many mid to large sized companies rushed to replace older systems that worked, to new and unproven cloud based technologies that are not living up to expectations. Many of these decisions were based on unrealistic, pie-in the sky, cloud-high promises (no pun intended) and the pain is just beginning to be felt by customers.

The reality is that many companies launched into cloud based technologies without a good business plan. So perhaps 2015 will be the year many companies awaken to a reality check.

The pendulum is about to swing in another direction. Brace yourselves.

Good times ahead.

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Rick Vargas

Rick Vargas is a strategic and innovative marketing professional, who has a successful track record of leading teams and projects through periods of change and transformation. Rick is a metrics oriented marketer and a thought leader that brings ideas to reality. Rick's background and domain areas of expertise are in web, social, mobile, digital, direct, and database marketing. He's worked with different types of organizations, across all sectors, from small start-ups, to large multi-national corporations. "What motivates me most is the role I play and the impact I have on the success of those around me. I love what I do from social to direct." - Rick Vargas

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