How to Rise Above the Online Noise

Being found by the right prospective buyers is dependent upon differentiation supported by specificity. The only way marketers can do this well is by doing the work and research it takes to get to know their buyers nearly as well as they know themselves.

Here’s an example to demonstrate what I mean by differentiation and specificity in relation to providing content that will rise above the noise for your buyers:

Take the concept of “growing revenues.” It’s something most companies tout as a benefit their buyers can get from using their products and services. But it’s so generic and high level that, on its own, it means nothing interesting.

Why is your prospect’s priority focused on increasing revenues?

  • Perhaps it’s because he’s a line of business manager and his job depends on the amount of product that gets sold in the marketplace.
  • Maybe she’s the director of inside sales and her reps must provide field sales reps with leads worthy of pursuit or the company won’t meet their quota for revenues.
  • Perhaps your prospect is a call center manager and his initiative is to increase cross-sell and up-sell solution extension products to current customers.
  • It could be that your prospect is the CEO and responsible for increasing stock value for investors through continuous growth milestones the company must achieve.

Now think about the how. How can the prospect best contribute to the overall objective of driving revenues?

  • For the product manager, perhaps the solution is new packaging to make the product more appealing or improve training for salespeople in how to sell it. Maybe it’s improved management of production to better meet demand.
  • For the inside sales manager, a possible solution could be providing faster access to information that enables her reps to have better conversations with prospects, improving quality and prioritization.
  • For the call center manager, perhaps it’s improving the ability for her agents to easily know what products the customer already has and which are appropriate add-ons or advances relevant to their business needs. This could mean integrating data silos.
  • For the CEO, perhaps the answer is better dashboards or information visibility that enables better and faster decisions to be made for volumes of data.

When you can get specific enough to narrow your focus to the who, the why and the how that relates to the what (driving revenues), then you can create messaging and content that rises above the noise to get found by your buyers. Once again, the best way to accomplish this is to get to know your buyers.

When creating content with differentiation and specificity, make sure that it delivers on buyers needs by:

  • Showing the reader why he should care at the start. Don’t bury your hook.
  • Educating them with information they need to know about solving a specific problem.
  • Making your call to action easy to understand and simple to respond to.
  • Demonstrating the impact you promise in simple terms and show them where to find it.
  • Igniting urgency on their part to learn more and take next steps because it seems like the natural outcome for them after reading your content.

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Rick Vargas

Rick Vargas is a strategic and innovative marketing professional, who has a successful track record of leading teams and projects through periods of change and transformation. Rick is a metrics oriented marketer and a thought leader that brings ideas to reality. Rick's background and domain areas of expertise are in web, social, mobile, digital, direct, and database marketing. He's worked with different types of organizations, across all sectors, from small start-ups, to large multi-national corporations. "What motivates me most is the role I play and the impact I have on the success of those around me. I love what I do from social to direct." - Rick Vargas

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