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1. Customer Roadmap

Marketing programs must align to a customer roadmap. A customer roadmap should categorize relationships into clearly distinct stages of engagement throughout the customer lifecycle.  Equally important is marketing’s collaboration with key stakeholders in the internal review and qualification process to ensure relationships advance and to refine how relationships are being categorized. Here’s a sample of the stages of engagement customers can fall into:

Audience – Anyone, including existing customers, who are in the market to buy services or products your company offers

Inquiries – Includes anyone who VISITS your digital or bricks and mortar store fronts

Prospects – Similar to Inquiries only this group is searching for the products or services you offer within your digital or bricks and mortar storefronts

Leads – Anyone who has expressed interest in the products and services your company offers

Opportunities – Leads that have been approved for Sales to chase

Customers – Buyers. The most important people to your company.


2. Content

Your content, at the very least, should be principle-driven, relevant and timely. Spend less time talking at your customers and prospects and more time monitoring their behaviors via social networks, community forums, blogs and surveys. Your content should speak to your audience the way you would talk to another human being.

A few examples to consider in synthesizing your content:

  • Include messages that inform and provide value rather than sell your services
  • Include industry trends effecting your customers
  • Reference the success stories and customer testimonials
  • Introduce your audience to the people in your organization pictures


 3. See bullets one and two.

Make sure your content is relevant to your audience based on where they sit in your customer roadmap.


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