Welcome to the Age of Predictive Automation!

It’s Time for Predictive Automation by Charlie Tarzian

Over the past 6 – 8 months I have sat in on quite a few meetings with client teams responsible for their company’s lead generation and marketing automation. I have been doing this in the context of presenting some pretty compelling, maybe even exciting data that is helping to evolve how these companies might take that data and create a new framework for their marketing efforts and an integration with sales enablement.

The data, for the most part, is collected in real and near real time, it is aggregated, sorted, analyzed and scored. Much of the data, from a variety of marketing channel sources like ad serving, website log files, marketing automation systems, social sources, client databases, etc…, once rolled up and looked at together, tells an incredible story: how many individuals from any particular company, regardless of location, are consuming content that suggest they researching ahead of moving in a new direction, trying to understand the implications of new technologies, infrastructure and strategies that would make them ideal candidates for my clients’ products and services.

This may sound exciting because it truly is. And I am not alone in seeing how this type of approach is igniting a lot of very constructive conversations inside of client organizations. For example, I have had clients call what we are doing ‘game changing’ when they see data streams from different real time channels come together allowing for more informed decisions to be made

Even the very largest of multinational companies are embracing the notion of being ‘Always On’ (more on this later). There are many innovative players that are embracing the approach and bringing breathtaking changes to the marketplace. Companies like Prelytix, Lattice Engines, Madison Logic, DemandBase and Bizo (to name a few) are all quickly becoming part of this emerging eco-system.

But there are aspects of this new and emerging science of marketing that have yet to be entirely thought through. I would call it the glue that binds the insight and the action – moving these key insights and discoveries through a marketing organization seamlessly and efficiently.

That is why it is time for Predictive Automation.

We have predictive analytics on the one side and lead gen and marketing automation on the other. But for the vast majority of marketing orgs out here – they barely touch each other – without a massive amount of manual intervention and customization. What is required is a new layer in the tech stack that traffics the processed data to its ultimate destination – which may in fact be a tactical channel. So, for example, if we know that 7 – 8 individuals have been involved in the consumption of a specific topic across the public internet, our own website and certain, contextually relevant publisher networks in the last 3 – 5 business days, we can take that knowledge and push it into the appropriate channels where we have seen or know people from that company have been seen. Our own or 3 party databases can be a source for influencer and decision maker emails. The IP addresses associated with that company can be targeted in the right places with exactly the right messages – based on the topic and even the relationship (they may be current customers). Alerts, emails, flags and even new or edited records can be created inside our CRM systems that inform the right people on what is going on and some of the things that may need to be done. And on and on – the possibilities are endless.

Which brings us to ‘Always On’. To be ‘Always On’ a company must embrace all aspects of predictive analytics and lead gen and knit those into and across the marketing eco-system and fulfill the promise of what Regis McKenna articulated almost 20 years ago in his seminal book, Real Time Marketing.

In the weeks and months ahead, we will explore all the major implications of getting to Predictive Automation – and, by extension, examining what it will take to be an ‘Always On’ marketing organization.

Welcome to the new world of Predictive Automation.


About the author:

Charlie Tarzian is a big data and digital marketing thought leader who has held various C-level positions in the agency, direct marketing, information technology and database services industries. 

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