Generation X – Alive and kicking

Squeezed between baby boomers and millennials, smaller in number – Generation X has surprisingly and silently been changing the world for over a decade now.

X GenerationBefore coming of age this generation had been mislabeled as the “Slacker Generation” – underachievers and doomed to be lost. If there’s one word or label that Generation X has lived up to it is “misunderstood.”





Who is Generation X?

  • Gen-Xers were born between 1965 and 1983
  • They were raised during the dark days in a post-Vietnam America.
  • They experienced high crime rates, urban decay, a country in decline, recession and inflation.
  • They became of age in a period of transformation, seeing America’s return to greatness.
  • They were of voting age by the end of the Cold War.
  • They witnessed the fall of the former Soviet Union,symbolized by the dismantling of the Berlin Wall
  • They have worked through two recessions.
  • They have served voluntarily in our military through two wars.

Gen-Xers launched companies like Google, Amazon and Dell Computers in the late 90’s. By the late 90’s they were called the”Start-up Generation.”

Sergey Brinimages-1Jeff Bezos




Today, Bloomberg refers to Generation X as the “Entrepreneurial Generation”

Findings from a recent EY study named “Younger managers rise in the ranks / EY study on generational shifts in the US workplace” revealed the following:

  • 80% of respondents selected Gen X as the generation best equipped to manage in current economic conditions, followed closely by boomers (76%) and Gen Y (27%).
  • Gen X also outpaced boomers and Gen Y at 65% vs. 27% for boomers and 51% for Gen Y as the generation perceived as best equipped to manage in 2020.
  • A majority (56%) of respondents felt that members of Gen X displayed each of the survey’s positive characteristics.
  • The only negative Gen X attribute identified by more than half (51%) of respondents was “entitled and concerned primarily about individual promotion.” This was also a characteristic of members of Gen Y (68%) and, to a lesser extent, boomers (32%).

Gen-Xers today are best described as being eclectic, disenfranchised with corporatism, suspicious of government, hungry for change, and entrepreneurially motivated.


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“GenXers are doing the quiet work of keeping America from sucking.” Jeff Gordinier pleads his case on YouTube

Gen X





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