Poll Update – Best Sales Scenes

The poll results so far for the best sales scene in movie history are a bit surprising…With almost 38% of the vote, The Wolf of Wall Street has a solid hold on first. Glengary Glen Ross is surprisingly tied for second place with Mad Men.

This poll will remain open through July 4, 2014. Cast your vote now and pass this on to your friends.


The Wolf of Wall Street – Leonardo Dicaprio cold calls and sells penny stock (take notes everyone)


Boiler Room – Vin Diesel closing champ (Does this scene look familiar? Boiler Room was based on Jordan Belfort’s story – The Wolf of Wall Street and hit the big screen in the late 90’s.)


Glengary Glen Ross – Alec Baldwin, in probably his most famous scene, is motivating and coaching salesmen to close.


Ironman – Robert Downey Jr. sells a new weapons system to the military


Boiler Room – Ben Affleck sells the life of a stock broker to potential recruits


Good Will Hunting – Sells the NSA on why he should pass on working for them


Jerry Maguire – Tom Cruise makes the break from his firm and learns his first lesson in entrepreneurship about “The Quan”


Boiler Room – Teaching a cold caller how to cold call


Mad Men – Don Draper’s best moments



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