Brand fatigue and brand affection across the globe

#Brand fatigue is a challenge #marketers face on a global scale. #Local is more important than #global for global marketers. Which is a reason why #location based advertising is heating up.

New research has revealed which countries and age groups have a close relationship with brands.

Momentum Worldwide?s global study discovered that the Philippines, Mexico and Brazil rated highly for brand affection, with around 60?70% of consumers regarding their relationship with brands as being ?friendships or stronger?.

However, the research also found that countries with a long sustained exposure to advertising, such as the USA and the UK, experience ?brand fatigue? and show a far greater emotional distance to brands.

The study, which had 6,504 respondents, was carried out in twelve countries. Chris Weil, Momentum Worldwide?s CEO, said that the study?s results are ?a wake-up call to marketers across the world that brands must evolve with their audiences?.

Find out more about the study here or take a look at MarketingWeek?s infographic.

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