50 Mobile Marketing Tips

Mobile Marketing is a highly effective, low cost channel through which companies can interact and engage with their customers. To be effective and successful in this channel, marketers must be up to date and well versed in current best practices in Mobile Marketing. We highly recommend joining the Mobile Marketing Association. For more information on mobile marketing visit the MMA via Mobile Marketing Association.  Below are our top 50 tips for marketers launching a mobile marketing campaign.

  1. Make sure your website mobile enabled.
  2. Honor permission. Don’t alienate your audience by sending unsolicited SMS.
  3. Link to a mobile site to enable additional interaction.
  4. Encourage customers to associate your short-long code with your company in their contact list. People are more apt to open a text from a company as opposed to a short code – 85324.
  5. Reduce call center volume and costs with mobile alerts.
  6. Always include a call to action.
  7. Use targeted messaging to reactivate customers or reengage with users who downloaded your app, but haven’t been back.
  8. Promote SMS campaigns in stores, online and across your website to maximize exposure.
  9. Integrate SMS and Email campaigns to deliver the right message through the right channel at the right time.
  10. Establish an opt-in policy and honor the expectations you set with your customers.
  11. Use SMS to gather insight from large groups of people.
  12. SMS is extremely effective for customer acquisition, retention and expansion.
  13. Build a mobile app with a solid push strategy that’s integrated with other channels through which you go to market
  14. Use SMS to gather new email addresses for your email marketing efforts
  15. Personalize and segmented your SMS campaigns just like email, think beyond batch blast one off campaigns.
  16. If you’re new to SMS marketing, shared short codes are a great place to start, as they are cheaper and quicker to implement.
  17. Private short codes should only be used by brands looking to own every keyword necessary for a campaign
  18. Vanity short codes can be utilized to enhance branding efforts for a specific campaign
  19. Multiple short codes are necessary for International SMS campaigns.
  20. Push messages are essentially free for the recipient – they aren’t billed on a per message fee like on SMS.
  21. When selecting a keyword for an SMS campaign, the minimum length is 4 characters (i.e. GOTO, JOIN or SALE).
  22. Honor contact preferences. Some of your customers may prefer to receive certain messages via SMS and others via other channels. You won’t know unless you ask.
  23. Try to follow Twitter’s 140 character limit rule – advisable and not mandatory.
  24. Before launching a SMS campaign, review the current best practices, regulations developed by the Mobile Marketing Association.
  25. Get Local – Help your customers feel connected by personalizing the messages, including tailoring them to a specific area or location.
  26. Keep It Simple – When sending messages, use simple plain language with well-known texting shortcuts to avoid ambiguity.
  27. Interact with your customers and provide advice and tips. In return, you gain valuable feedback and increase customer loyalty.
  28. Make offers time sensitive to increase the engagement of your SMS notifications.
  29. Train your staff to look for the “from” number. If it’s not your short code, make sure they’re a subscriber..
  30. If you’re sending SMS messages internationally, work with a mobile expert to determine a short-long code strategy.
  31. If you’re sending time sensitive emails, SMS should be considered as a much more effective channel for delivery..
  32. The process to transfer or acquire a private short code can take up to 12 weeks. Consider this when planning your SMS messaging campaigns..
  33. Offer instant awards, prizes or gratitude. Don’t make your customers wait to spend money with your company.
  34. Content matters. Be relevant to your audiences.
  35. Less is more in SMS marketing.
  36. If your SMS is 140 characters, see if you can make it 100 characters or even less.
  37. Surprise your customers. Show them you remember them by personalizing the message.
  38. Stop telling your SMS customers what you have, just tell them the benefits – what’s in it for them.
  39. Deliver SMS coupons to increase redemption rates, as people always have their phones with them all the time now.
  40. Be clear and let your customers know what action you want them to take – what, how, when and who. Be direct. Be precise. Be timely.
  41. Don’t forget to integrate mobile with social media channels.
  42. Think beyond simple outbound messages and leverage SMS to gain more information about your customers.
  43. Obtain opt-in approval before sending SMS messages. Email opt-in does not equal an SMS opt-in.
  44. Consider requesting a mobile number on your email opt-in forms but do so only if there’s a well-stated benefit to the consumer.
  45. Companies can expect response times to a text message to be within minutes.
  46. With SMS being such an immediate channel, it’s important to test your campaign before going live.
  47. Push notifications can drive in App purchases and increase App usage.
  48. Gain trust through a clear and concise opt-in process. Let your consumers know when and what they’ll be receiving. Make your privacy policy clearly visible and easy to understand.
  49. Consider mobile in combination with other channels and post across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any social medium your customers use.
  50. Before asking if a user wants to opt-in to receive your messages, tell them what the benefit of opting in would be.


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